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​Tk20 Resources Pages:

In efforts to improve our processes, manage candidate transition points, and track key assessments in program coursework, TTU's College of Education utilizes Tk20, a comprehensive data and reporting system.

  • All College of Education students are required to purchase and maintain a Tk20 account.
  • The one-time cost is $133.33 at the campus bookstore or $103 if purchased through Tk20.
  • Financial aid will pay for the account if purchased through the bookstore.
  • Tk20's policy allows for 2-3 days to activate the account after you purchase it.
  • Your account is active for seven (7) years.
  • Tk20 recommends using the web browser Google Chrome. Internet Explorer causes the most issues with the Tk20 system.​​
  • You will access Tk20 for a variety of tasks, including coursework, field and clinical experiences, edTPA portfolios, and key program assessments.
  • Check your syllabi and consult your instructors for assessments that must be submitted to Tk20.
  • Failure to purchase Tk20 can result in a 0 for Tk20 assignments and/or final course grade reduced a full letter.
  • Purchase of Tk20 is not require for non-education majors enrolled in education courses. Non-education students should discuss with the instructor alternative method(s) of submitting assignments designated for Tk20.
  • Tk20 is secure and confidential. No one will have access to your files except you, your instructors, and advisors. Data for reporting purposes is in aggregate form. No identifying information is publicly displayed.

For questions regarding this system, please contact your system administrator:

Administrator: Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Email: tk20support@tntech.edu
Phone: 931-372-3856